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Welcome to the Center for Business Complexity and Global Leadership at the Sawyer Business School.

As Suffolk University enters a new era, during a period of global transformation whereby our social, economic, and technological systems have become increasingly interconnected and complex, it continues to challenge its students and faculty to expand current thinking and teaching to ensure a culture of learning and leadership today and for a future uncertain.

According to a recent IBM survey of 1,500 business leaders, complexity was cited as the most significant issue facing leaders today. Traditional tools and methodologies have provided a platform for our continued learning and understanding of business and economic systems, but are no longer sufficient to address today's business challenges and opportunities. Understanding the organization and the economy as a complex and fluid system is one of the most important competencies for effective leaders today.

The Sawyer Business School stands by its commitment to further our understanding of the global economy, not only as a remote business model, but as a complex rapidly evolving system. The Center for Business Complexity and Global Leadership was born out of this commitment to develop a new framework for understanding business systems by bringing together scholars and practitioners to advance dialogue and research to support today's leaders and develop leaders of tomorrow.











"Agent-Based Simulation and Evolutionary Computing have proven especially valuable in providing decision makers with a low- risk, low-cost platform to test their innovative ideas to drive growth." Paolo Gaudino, Icosystem

Complexity Resources

1st Collaborative Data Science Conference, Jersey City, NJ, June 10-11, 2015

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Capitalizing on Complexity: Insights from the 2010 IBM Global CEO Study

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