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InterCollegiate Capital Markets Trading Competition 2014 and Investor Summit


InterCollegiate Capital Markets Trading Competition 2014 and Investor Summit


InterCollegiate Capital Markets Trading Competition 2013 and Investor Summit


InterCollegiate Capital Markets Trading Competition 2013 and Investor Summit


Capital Markets Trading Competition 2013 With TD Ameritrade
Test your skills, challenge yourself, get noticed...

  Teams will be trained to use TD Ameritrade's think or swim trading platform and then challenged to beat out the competition with the most compelling strategy and make the most money trading $1million in paper money in the real market over a two week period. Simulate real-world/real time trading while demonstrating to expose your capacity to analyze, strategize, make decisions, and beat out the competition.

3rd International Business Complexity and Global Leader Conference
Rethinking Policy and Practice in Today's Financial System

  Bringing leaders from around the globe in science and practice from across disciplines together to explore and advance our understanding of complex systems in our modern world and the implications for opportunity and risk.

Complexity Roundtable

  A conversation about the Antifragile,Best Selling author of the Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb's new book...

Organizing for Humans: Leadership Insights into Organizational Design


Structured Financial Data in the Age of Complexity: Exploring XBRL use and application today and into the Future

  XBRL has provided a structured format for reporting data that has in turn, supported the ability to more effectively analyze firm level activity. While the standardization has supported the advancement of micro-level analysis, the structured format of such a vast amount of data provides the foundation for meso and macro level analysis to understand systemic behavior. In an era of complexity, it is imperative that we understand the impact of micro level behavior on the broader system to support more effective governance. The recent financial crisis has revealed the importance of understanding complex systems and the impact of individual agents on the broader whole. However, while advances in computational capabilities with the development of tools and methodologies to study networks and systemic behavior their use is often restricted by the ability to access reliable structured data.

Is the innovation ecosystem ripe for a new wave of venture home runs?

  While big hits like Facebook and Google are vivid reminders of the promise of entrepreneurship and venture capital the number and size of IPOs over the past several years suggests a more somber reality. Does the recent contraction and shakeout of the venture capital industry in the face of the world's largest public offering suggest that the landscape for innovation and entrepreneurship is changing? Or is the innovation landscape simply retooling for a new wave of ground breaking opportunities for entrepreneurs as a variety of fields including nanotechnology, clean energy, smart phones and mobile technology, cloud computing, network science and social media, etc. pave the way for a new convergence to exploit?

Understanding Financial Markets in a Complex Global Economy

  Traditional economic and finance models failed to predict and have yet to explain our current global economy. Yet we continue to rely on these linear models and mathematics to understand the dynamics of financial markets to help us exploit opportunity and mitigate financial risk. Despite a general appreciation of the increasing interconnectedness and dynamic nature of our complex global economy the industry has been slow to examine and incorporate tools and methodologies that reflect this complexity. An examination of complexity allowed us to better understand "once in a lifetime" events that have characterized the world economy in the past twenty years, understanding complexity can allow us to better predict these events moving into the future to design more effective financial strategies.

2nd Business Complexity and the Global Leader Conference

  Appreciating the limitation of traditional tools and methodologies for understanding complexity the conference endeavors to introduce and evaluate new tools and methodologies while advancing the capabilities and competencies to develop new ways of effectively exploring innovation, globalizations, interconnectivity, self-organization, and emergent and evolving phenomena for leaders in business, government, the economy, and society.

Complex Decision Making Executive Seminar

  Suffolk University Center for Business Complexity and Global Leadership and Icosystem Corporation offer a unique training and networking opportunity to help you understand the complexity challenge. Through case studies and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to use leading-edge techniques from the field of Complexity Science to strengthen your business decisions by leveraging your data, know-how and domain expertise. You will learn how leading organizations world-wide are harnessing complexity to solve key challenges:

1st Business Complexity and the Global Leader Conference

  The first International Conference on Business Complexity and the Global Leader, in Boston at Suffolk University was born out of the need to create a forum to bring leading complexity science scholars and practitioners together to address the corporation as a complex adaptive system in what Steven Hawking has termed the "century of complexity". According to a recent IBM survey of 1500 global leaders, complexity was cited as the most significant issue facing leaders today. There is no doubt that understanding the organization and the economy as a complex adaptive system is one of the most important competencies for effective leaders today.











"Innovation and wealth creation that fuel social systems, if left unchecked, potentially sow the seeds for their inevitable collapse," Geoffrey West, the Santa Fe Institute.

Complexity Resources

1st Collaborative Data Science Conference, Jersey City, NJ, June 10-11, 2015

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Video: eWeek Interview with Dr. Greta Meszoely

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Santa Fe Institute

Northeastern University Center for Complex Network Research

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Plexus Institute

Capitalizing on Complexity: Insights from the 2010 IBM Global CEO Study

Embracing Complexity: An Interview with Michael J. Mauboussin by Tim Sullivan

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