Geoffrey West, Murad Mithani
Geoffrey West, Murad Mithani at BizCom
Geoffrey West, Murad Mithani at BizCom slideshow


I want to thank you for inviting me to participate in the Business Complexity conference this week. It was really a great event and you deserve kudos for pulling it off and making it such a success. I met several interesting people there and enjoyed many great conversations. I hope this will be the start of an ongoing tradition.
Paolo Gaudiano, PhD., President and CTO of Icosystem,

I cannot thank you and your team enough. I've been to more conferences than I can remember in my 28 yr. career. But I can count with less than one hand those that gave me such an intellectual satisfaction and shock as this one, and I am not a new comer to the Complexity field either. I really look forward to the next one. This is such an important, emerging field. There are so many subjects across a vast array of seemingly unrelated fields that can be united by basic principles in Complexity. Thank you again.
Ren Cheng, Senior Research Advisor, former Chief Investment Officer at Fidelity Investments.

I know organizing a conference is a lot of hard work, and as an attendee I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts. ... I thoroughly enjoyed BizCom 2010 - one of the most interesting and energizing conferences I have attended in a long time. I hope you repeat the event next year.
Peter A.C. President, The Leadership Alliance Inc.

Thank you for putting this event together. It was the most purposeful and fruitful I have seen during the last decade of my involvement with complexity science in business!
Oliver Brandte, PhD., President of Analyx have laid a firm foundation for future study. Thank you for making me part of your conference. I came away with much to think about. Thanks, also, for posting most of the speakers' slides.
I was pleased to see the work on agent-based simulation. This is not novel, but it is very important to get these ideas into the "real world". Dr. Gaudiano is certainly doing that in multiple domains.
Meanwhile I derived Dr. West's "universal" growth function -- for all those species which follow the M-to-the-three-fourths-power law for metabolism. This is amazing stuff. Can there really be distinctive scaling laws for life forms, cities, and corporations?
Bud Frawley, Ph.D., Knowledge Discovery