Dr Greta Meszoely, Suffolk University, Boston
Water Resources Management in a Saharan Oasis, Emergence and Sustainable Governance
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Figuig, an oasis in Morocco, sustained an effective water resources system for centuries. It was supported by a governance system with strong social, political, and legal institutions. While its success alone offers valuable lessons and insight into sustainability, a longitudinal study of the Oasis is even more revealing. Changes in national policy over the past fifty years have had a devastating impact on the community's ability to thrive today. A study of the success and failure of Figuig's water resources management system provides valuable insight into the successful development of effective governance.

Greta Meszoely, PhD., , is a member of the Sawyer Business School faculty and a fellow in the Center for Innovation and Change Leadership, as well as a Faculty Fellow of Service and Outreach and member of the Environmental Studies Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences at Suffolk. She as pursued her interest and research of complex problems and sustainable governance globally in business and society. She has been actively engaged in community and economic development in the US, women's rights and economic development in Zimbabwe, human rights in Egypt, democratic elections to support peace and development in Palestine, and water resources management in the Sahara. Through her study of complex problems and the characteristics of complex adaptive systems her research has led to her interest in developing fundamental management competencies necessary to support effective governance of sustainable systems. Dr. Meszoely holds a PhD in Law, Policy and Society from Northeastern University.

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