Peter A.C. Smith, President of The Leadership Alliance Inc.
Autopoiesis and fluid self-organizing networks in business
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In a typical organization "management" entails autopoiesis - a process that builds a closed purposeful system that seeks to perpetuate itself. Some self-sustaining processes seem necessary; however an organization today is surrounded by highly dynamic, competitive, and socially individualized systems, demanding behaviors only produced by an organization based on an open system. Autopoiesis does not produce such an open system, but Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) do, and CAS are therefore indispensible to organizational viability. Consequently, a balance must be struck between autopoiesis and the socialization that provides the context in which CAS emerge and flourish.

Peter A.C. Smith, is President of The Leadership Alliance Inc., a worldwide consulting practice assisting leading public and private sector organizations enhance performance and profitability. He is Consulting & Special Issues Editor, The Learning Organization; Publisher and Managing Editor of the Journal of Knowledge Management Practice; and Assistant Editor, International Journal of Sociotechnology & Knowledge Development. Peter is published widely in academic journals and books, and is in demand internationally as a speaker, workshop leader and conference chair.

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