Marv Adams, Executive Vice President, Shared Services, TIAA-CREF
Leadership Effectiveness in Today's Fast Changing and Complex World

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Sustainable, effective leadership in today's fast changing world requires enhanced management theories, methods and tools for dealing with the challenges of dense interconnectedness. In many industries, the pace of change is driving firms to learn how to effectively adapt on a continuous basis. Leaders must challenge their thinking about management & leadership practices. Complexity science has insights that we can draw from that are essential to today's leadership challenges. Using these insights, we can design strategies, methods & tools that enable us to turn change and volatility into opportunities instead of threats.

Marv Adams is currently an Executive Vice President at TIAA-CREF, responsible for the firm's Shared Services unit (IT, Operations, Procurement, Building & Real Estate related services). Marv's past roles include CIO of Ford Motor Company, CIO of Citigroup and President of Shared Services at Fidelity Investments. Marv's talk will focus on the insights he has drawn from systems thinking and complexity science, and the methods and tools that have led to improving an organizations capacity to adapt.

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