Dr. Hamid Benbrahim,
Workshop: Complex Adaptive Systems

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This workshop introduces concepts and frameworks that describe the behavior of complex adaptive systems. These systems, whether they are systems of people, like employees or customers, or systems of organizations like competitors, partners and suppliers are characterized by a great deal of self-organization and evolution. These dynamics give rise to black swans, exponential growth, and disruptive market forces.

Hamid Benbrahim is Vice President and head of the Center for Applied Complexity at Fidelity Investments addressing systemic risk in financial markets, self-organization in large corporations, and robustness and security in large technology infrastructures.
Prior to joining Fidelity Dr. Benbrahim advised Venture Capital firms on investments and going to market strategies in mobile and social media. During his thirteen year tenure at Verizon Communications (previously GTE) Dr. Benbrahim assumed a number of business operations and technology roles. He led the deployment and design of Fault, Configuration, and Performance Management systems and processes for voice, data, and mobile Network Operations Centers in the US, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Argentina. As Chief Technology Architect he led a number of large software integration and deployment projects including the integration of large backend systems for the domestic yellow pages business unit and modernization of billing and customer service systems and processes for Verizon's mobile business unit in the Dominican Republic. As head of the Verizon's mobile yellow pages business unit in 2003, Dr. Benbrahim was responsible for the launch of new mobile phone products including local advertising, weather, movies, maps, and driving directions.
Dr. Benbrahim holds a PhD in Engineering (robotics and machine learning) from the University of New Hampshire, a DEA in Control Systems from Universite de Caen, France, and an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School.

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