Dr. Ginestra Bianconi, Northeastern University
Workshop: Complex Networks

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People are increasingly using their network to inform their purchasing decisions, and Businesses are becoming increasing interdependent. These are only a few examples of the impact of interconnectedness in today's business environment. This workshop introduces tools and technologies to address high levels of interconnectedness. It will address particular topics in social network analysis, systems risk, and fault tolerance. Understanding how people are connected or how industries affect each other is critical in managing and harnessing complexity today.

Ginestra Bianconi, is Assistant Professor at Northeastern University Her research includes statistical mechanics of networks and application to complex biological, social and technological networks. She enjoys developing new theories that can explain emerging phenomena in complex system. In particular she is working on critical phenomena on networks, on their off-equilibrium dynamical properties, on the interplay between their global and local structure and on the quantification of their complexity by entropy measures. The aim of her current research is a formulation of an information theory of complex networks. The objective of this research is to define complexity measures of networks and using them to find new inference algorithms to analyze data. Moreover she works in dynamics of social human and animal behavior and on evolution of viruses and their spreading dynamics. She holds a Ph.D. in physics from Universita Di Roma "La Sapienza". She held post doctorate research positions at a number of research institutions including econophsics group at Fribourg, and the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Triest, Italy. She published over 50 papers and delivered over 40 international talks.


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