Dr Robert Ghanea-Hercock, Said Business School, Oxford University, UK
The Value of Trust

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What value should a corporation place on trust within its internal structure? And to what extent does the perceived trustworthiness of the corporation count in regard to its external interactions? It is proposed that these questions are in fact pivotal to the longevity and innovation capacity of any organization, whether commercial or public. In this paper we utilize a multi-agent simulation to explore the dynamics of trust interactions, and the impact on the cohesion of the resulting agent society. These results are then discussed in the light of the questions posed above, i.e. what correlation exists between an organizations efficiency and survival, and the degree of trust in the overall system.

Robert Ghanea-Hercock, is currently a Chief Research Scientist in the British Telecommunications Security Research Practice. He has many years experience in managing Security Research projects in the UK, and was Theme Leader for Networks and Security in the UK MOD DIF Defence Technology Centre. He Chairs a Workshop on Adaptive Network Defence and is Chair of the Steering Committee for the UK Technology Strategy Board Cyber-Security KTN. This group has a national UK role in advising government and industry on best practice in all issues surrounding Cyber Security. He is also a member of the Steering Committee for the UK Network Security Innovation Platform. He has over thirty international publications in AI and Security concepts and has filed twelve patents on Security and AI models. His latest book is on the theme of Resilience and Cohesion in Social systems: ("Cohesion - The Making of Society", available from Amazon.) Professionally he is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the British Computer Society. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the School of Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton University, and at the Said Business School in Oxford University, and an Honorary Fellow at Imperial College. He has also served for several years as an Independent Expert for the UK Defence Science Advisory Council (DSAC) and was a Business Research Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. He is married with two precocious daughters and lives in Oxford.

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