Howard Park & Tory Gattis, Model Answers, OpenTeams
SIDEARM: Self-organizing for Innovation, Decisions, Engagement, Action, and Risk Mitigation

The BP oil spill disaster has shown us all too vividly the catastrophic consequences of excessive organizational complexity and the potential risks to corporate longevity. This paper sets out a model for both the horizontal and vertical compression of organizations to simplify them for enhanced risk mitigation, with additional benefits for innovation, decision-making, employee engagement and action. Horizontal compression involves complex systems visualization, modeling, and simulation for cross- organizational integrated solutions, leading to better decision-making, action, and risk mitigation. We also propose vertical compression of the bureaucratic, command-and-control hierarchy into a flat, entrepreneurial, market-based, self-organizing Bossless Organization. This model is inspired by the Silicon Valley and open source ecosystems to improve innovation, employee engagement, and adaptation to the rapidly changing business environment.

Howard Park, is Managing Director at Model Answers, where he builds models and analytical tools to help clients with a range of complex business problemsm using several tools of analytics, including neural-networks, system dynamics, Monte Carlo methods, animation, 3D visualization, and agent-based modeling. He has integrated information design, systems thinking and behavioral economics into the "user interaction" and "organizational decision making and action" aspects of working with advanced analytics, simulations and models. He has worked across many Fortune 500, private and non-profit organizations. Howard holds an MBA and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, as well undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Economics.

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