Welcome! The mission of the Center for Business Complexity and Global Leadership at Suffolk University is to bring leaders in industry and academia to explore complex systems in business to support dialogue and the advancement of knowledge and practice. Our annual conference was developed in keeping with this goal.

Complexity science as a discipline emerged out of the understanding that today's problems can not be solved through traditional means alone, but rather through interdisciplinary study that challenges the boundaries of traditional sciences. Our Recent global events including the current economic crisis, the Arab Spring, the Tohoko earthquake and Tsunami, Iceland's Eyjafjallajokul that had lasting, cascading effects on our social, political, business, and economic, and even geographic systems has thrust complexity science to mainstream dialogue and study. As these events suggest, we are living in, what Steven Hawking has termed the "century of complexity".

Iindustry leaders understand the importance of understanding complex systems. The 2010, IBM CEO study of 1500 global leaders reported that complexity was cited as the most significant issue facing leaders today. There is no doubt that understanding the organization and the economy as a complex adaptive system is one of the most important competencies for effective leaders.

Business systems are not just complex. We have learned that economic and social networks follow patterns of emergence, adaptation, and self-organization similar to systems found in our natural and social world. These dynamics are due to the influence of a landscape and environment relative to other agents and networks. These complex adaptive systems demonstrate systemic behavior within ill-defined boundaries. The study of complex systems offers insights into how systems behave and, in turn, lead to a better understanding of the impact of our day to day and long-term decision-making. Understanding complexity is fundamental to effective leadership. Moreover, it has provided us with the knowledge that our traditional tools, that focus on reducing and controlling systems, inhibit our ability to harness this complexity to mitigate risk and exploit opportunity.

The Second Annual Business Complexity and Global Leadership will bring global leaders in business and scholarship together with participants from around the world to support dialogue and understanding of business complexity.

We hope you will be part of this transdisciplinary conversation to advance theory and practice of business systems to support the global leaders of today and into the future.