William J. O'Neil, Jr Dean Sawyer Business School


Welcome to BizCom 2011!

Thank you for joining The Sawyer Business School and its Center for Business Complexity & Global Leadership for the 2nd International BizCom Conference in Boston. As the global economy reminds us, we are witnessing an unprecedented era of increased interconnectivity, globalization, and complexity. Global leaders are faced with challenges and opportunities that defy tradition and the tools and methods developed to simplify and control local systems.

Understanding complexity was cited as a core competency, according to a 2011 IBM survey of business leaders from around the globe. To prepare current and future leaders for an increasingly complex world, business professionals and scholars are joining forces to call for a new framework for teaching and learning.

The Sawyer Business School is living its mission of preparing leaders for success by supporting an agile and innovative approach to teaching and learning that develops the necessary competencies of a 21st Century leader in both the public and private sectors.

The Sawyer Business School continually challenges its faculty to expand a culture of learning and leadership. The Center was launched to develop partnerships and scientific research that traverses traditional alliances. It encourages a continuum of exchange and practice to advance the ability of our students and faculty to lead into a future that is uncertain, beyond certain complexity.

As a center of exchange that brings experienced real-world leaders and renowned researchers from around the world together to advance the tools, methodologies, and framework for understanding our complex world, Suffolk University and the Center for Business Complexity & Global Leadership are living the mission of becoming a leader in business and practice for business today and into the future. While only recently launched, the Center has been applauded around the world for its leadership in global understanding and thought leadership, and its ability to bring about a new level of dialogue and knowledge discovery from across disciplines and practice.

Through your participation in this event and the Center for Business Complexity & Global Leadership's activities, you have demonstrated your leadership in advancing our ability to understand the real world, which is far from simple. Thank you for joining us at Suffolk and challenging us to think "complexity."



William J. O'Neil, Jr Dean Sawyer Business School