Business Complexity & the Global Leader Conference

Suffolk University, Sargent Hall, 120 Tremont Street, Boston

Presented by:

Suffolk University Center for Business Complexity and Global Leadership

The second International Business Complexity & the Global Leader Conference will be held on October 17-19, 2011, in Boston, Massachusetts

A conference to support global leaders of today and into the future:

Bringing leaders from around the globe in science and practice from across disciplines together to explore and advance our understanding of complex systems in our modern world and the implications for opportunity and risk.

Appreciating the limitation of traditional tools and methodologies for understanding complexity the conference endeavors to introduce and evaluate new tools and methodologies while advancing the capabilities and competencies to develop new ways of effectively exploring innovation, globalizations, interconnectivity, self-organization, and emergent and evolving phenomena for leaders in business, government, the economy, and society.

Featured Speakers...

Geoffrey West
The Santa Fe Institute
  Alessandro Vespignani
Northeastern University
  Kathleen C. Engel
Suffolk University, Law School
  Ren Y. Cheng
Fidelity Investments
  Eric Bonabeau

Organizing Committee

Greta Meszoely, Ph.D., Conference Chair
Suffolk University Sawyer Business School

Hamid Benbrahim, Ph.D.
Fidelity Investments

Cesar Hidalgo, Ph.D.

Eliza Parrish
Suffolk University Sawyer Business School


Visa Information...

International visitors should check with their local consulate regarding visa and entry regulations for the United States.
If you need a travel visa, begin the visa application process now! Wait times for a visa interview can be several weeks or more in many countries, especially during peak travel periods. Please contact us to request a letter of invitation to attend Bizcom2010 as soon as possible, after registration or paper acceptance.