Eric Bonabeau Eric Bonabeau, the founder of Icosystem, is one of the world's leading experts in complex systems and distributed adaptive problem solving and is known worldwide for his ability to apply the concepts of complexity science to real-world problems. His work focuses on the limits of human decision-making in a complex, decentralized and unpredictable world. He has written three books, including the perennial scientific bestseller, Swarm Intelligence, which provided the inspiration for another bestseller, Michael Crichton's Prey. He has published more than 140 scientific articles in international journals and conference proceedings and is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review and the MIT Sloan Management Review.
  Paolo Gaudiano Paolo Gaudiano, the CTO of Icosystem, has applied complexity science and artificial intelligence to business problems for more than 15 years. He began his career in academia, where he reached the level of Tenured Associate Professor. His applied research in robotics and neural networks was recognized with multiple awards, including a Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research and a Sloan Fellowship in Neuroscience. In 1998 Paolo decided to become an entrepreneur, first as Chief Scientist of Artificial Life, then as founder and CEO of Aliseo, Inc. He joined Icosystem in 1991, where he is involved with many client projects and also oversees overall company operations. He remains academically involved, currently teaching a graduate course on systems modeling and simulation at Tufts University's Gordon Institute.
  Greta Meszoely Greta Meszoely, is the Director of the Center for Business Complexity & Global Leadership, Associate Professor at the Sawyer Business School faculty and a fellow in the Center for Innovation and Change Leadership, as well as a Faculty Fellow of Service and Outreach and member of the Environmental Studies Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences at Suffolk. She as pursued her interest and research of complex problems and sustainable governance globally in business and society. She has been actively engaged in community and economic development in the US, women's rights and economic development in Zimbabwe, human rights in Egypt, democratic elections to support peace and development in Palestine, and water resources management in the Sahara. Through her study of complex problems and the characteristics of complex adaptive systems her research has led to her interest in developing fundamental management competencies necessary to support effective governance of sustainable systems.
Dr. Meszoely holds a PhD in Law, Policy and Society from Northeastern University.
  Hamid Benbrahim Hamid Benbrahim is vice president, Applied Complexity Research at Fidelity Investments. Prior to joining Fidelity Dr. Benbrahim most recently advised Private Equity firms on mobile technology and digital media. He began his technology and telecommunications career with GTE Laboratories (now Verizon) where he assumed a number of research and operations roles, including Director of Advanced Technology group managing the mobile yellow pages business unit and leading technology architecture initiatives, Director of Project Management for Verizon International where he led projects in restructuring of billing and customer service operations, and consolidating voice, data, and mobile network operations centers in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Argentina.
Dr. Benbrahim holds a Ph.D. in robotics and machine learning from the University of New Hampshire, and an MBA in finance from the Columbia Business School.