Capital Markets Trading Competition 2013
Test your skills, challenge yourself, get noticed, win prizes…


Rank   Team   Net Liq  Competition
Cumulative Return
 S&P 500
1   Lemon Brothers   $1,825,572   82.56%   0.26%
2   Big Stack Of Green   $1,368,574   59.71%   0.26%
3   Finance Fanatics   $1,357,780   51.73%   0.26%
4   Team Bullish   $1,118,506   41.76%   0.26%
5   RWU Gabelli School of Business   $1,114,995   35.71%   0.26%
6   EMBH1   $1,091,304   31.28%   0.26%
7   Suffolk University 2013   $1,068,207   27.78%   0.26%
8   Gordon Gecko   $1,063,395   25.10%   0.26%
9   Ramming Riot   $1,062,014   23.00%   0.26%
10   Suffolk Hockey   $1,019,600   20.90%   0.26%
11   Macchiato   $1,018,798   19.17%   0.26%
12   Sawyer Associates   $1,012,403   17.68%   0.26%
13   Euro Fin   $1,007,695   16.38%   0.26%
14   Saudi Knows Best   $1,005,519   15.25%   0.26%
15   Latin Financial   $1,005,519   14.27%   0.26%
16   SOBE   $1,004,325   13.40%   0.26%
17   TMP   $979,345   12.49%   0.26%
18   Prime Team   $977,258   11.67%   0.26%
19   Team Luck   $971,513   10.91%   0.26%
20   Trader Joes   $895,507   9.84%   0.26%
21   Valmy Saint-Louis   $737,491   8.12%   0.26%
    Investment Club   $1,000,000        
    Team Lannister   $1,000,000        
    Punnose Mitrousis   $1,000,000        
    VinaRich   $1,000,000        
    Risk Reward   $1,000,000        
The Sawyer Business School Capital Markets Trading Competition is open to teams of 2-4 undergraduate or graduate students.
Teams will be trained to use TD Ameritrade’s think or swim trading platform and then challenged to beat out the competition with the most compelling strategy and make the most money trading $1 million in paper money in the real market over a two week period. Simulate real-world/real time trading while demonstrating to expose your capacity to analyze, strategize, make decisions, and beat out the competition.
April 12: Competition Launch May 2: Presentations/Close/Awards
Sawyer Business School Trading Room, 8 Ashburton Street Boston, MA 02111
Gain real world experience with live market competition. Expose your talents, your knowledge, and appreciate limitations. Gain knowledge and insights from today’s market makers.
The competition is limited to 30 teams. Register today.
April 12: Competition Launch
      12:00  Team Registration
      1:00  Account set up
      2:00  Training
      3:00  Tutorials
May 2:  Capital Markets Trading Competition
      9:00  Strategy Presentations
      Noon  Lunch
      1:00   Strategy Presentations
      2:00   Strategy Discussion
      3:00   Close out all positions
      4:00  Judging
      5:00  Key note/Awards
      6:00  Adjourn



Both graduate as well as high potential undergraduate students.


Please register here

Team Compositions

Teams can be comprised anyway that students and faculty organize. For example, a team may be comprised of just undergraduate student and another team of graduate students. A Team must consist of 4 students.

Due to facility and logistical constraints, we can only allow for 30 teams composed of 2-4 students.

Team Member Requirements

Each Team Member must be a currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at the time of the competition.

Competition Requirements

Teams will be evaluated for their strategy as presented to the judges and outcomes based on net value of their portfolio at the close of May 2.

Capital Markets Trading Competition

All teams invest $1 million at the start of the competion, trading each day until the end of the competition, and closing all positions before the market close on the last day of the competition. Winners will be determined by their final cash position.

  • Trading Platform: ThinkorSwim Trading account provided by TD Ameritrade
  • Starting Cash Position: $1 million
  • Securities: stocks, options and futures only, excluding F/X trading, penny stocks, and OTCBB/Pink Sheets.
  • Trading Hours: There are no limits on trading hours
  • Portfolio Concentration: No single security or cash should represent more than 20% of a team’s portfolio.
  • Performance: Each team will close out their positions from 3pm to 4pm on Thursday May 2, 2013. Teams will be evaluated on their final cash position.

Updates, Monitoring, Penalties

A daily report will be sent out each day to the teams…
  • This way we will know who is winning
  • It will let us know who breaks a rule. You will receive a warning the first time on your first infraction. Each infraction after will come with a $10,000 penalty, plus any gains from those trades will be removed from the account. Any losses incurred from a trading infraction will remain with the account in addition to the $10,000 penalty.

Strategy Presentation

Each team must submit a description of their strategy by April 5. Selected teams will be invited to present on the final day of the competition. Teams may utilize their Faculty Adviser as resources, but may not enlist the help of any other professionals in preparing or evaluating the presentations. Each presentation can include the use of PowerPoint or other presentation software. The teams cannot hand the judges any printed material before/after the Presentations. All Presentation material must be submitted prior to May 2. Only Team Members may participate in the Presentations. Each Presentation must be in English. Each Presentation is limited to 10 minutes, however and additional 5 minutes will be provided to answer questions posed by the Judges

Contest Judging

Consent to Publication of Ranking and Results

Entry to the contest constitutes permission by the Sawyer Business School and TD Ameritrade to post the university’s and trader’s information, including, without limitation, name, perform and relative ranking, on their respective websites and to use all information for purposes of advertising and promotion without compensation to the universities or contestants.

Prohibited Use of Contest for Promotional Purposes

Contestants shall not, either alone or in concert with others, use their participation in the contest for promotional purposes unless approved in advance in writing by Suffolk University’s Capital Markets Trading Competition. If a contestant violates this provision, the contestant may be disqualified from competition in the contest for future. If determined by Suffolk University to be in violation, the contestant agrees to pay all legal fees and damage incurred including those to enforce this provision.

Postponement, Cancellation, Acceptance and Removal

Suffolk University’s Capital Markets Trading Competition reserves the right to modify the contest terms, to postpone the contest commencement date or to cancel the contest if, in its sole discretion, it determines that such action is reasonable and necessary. Suffolk University Capital Markets Trading Competition may reject any contestant’s application for any reason. Furthermore, The Suffolk University Captital Markets Trading Competition has the right to remove or bar any contestant from the contest for any reason in its sole discretion, including, without limitation, barring any contestant who would or might: bring disrepute to the contest; or who has violated any rule, law or regulation pertaining to futures trading; or has attempted to benefit from any collusive or other trading irregularity. Suffolk University’s Capital Markets Trading Competition will review and monitor all participants throughout the contest in the interest and fairness of all participants. Minimum participation required; we reserve the right to cancel the contest if minimum participation is not reached. In the event that the contest is cancelled, entry fees will be refunded and no prizes will be awarded. Suffolk University reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time and will make honest efforts to notify all contestants. No Refunds; exception: in the case of contest cancellation, refunds will be available for entry fee.