Max Mansur, SWIFT
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Max Mansur is a senior manager at SWIFT currently focusing on XBRL for Corporate Actions and exploring new opportunities for XBRL in securities and capital markets. XBRL is a key part of SWIFT's 2015 and Asset Servicing strategies to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and create value for custodians and securities market infrastructures as well as broker/dealers, investment and funds managers, exchanges, and issuers/offerors of securities and their agents.
Together with DTCC and XBRL US, Max co-leads SWIFT's representation on the ground-breaking Issuers to Investors: Corporate Actions initiative. He was the driving force behind the Simulation Testing and Qualification Service (STaQS) for Corporate Actions and helped launch SWIFT's Proxy Voting solution while also marketing ISO-based messaging solutions for Corporate Actions. Max also delivered pre-trade/trade solutions and served as chair of the certification working group for FIX Protocol Ltd.
Now in his 12th year at SWIFT, Mr. Mansur has 33 years of experience bridging business development and information technology. He has participated in many trade articles and industry events as subject matter expert in asset servicing, corporate actions, XBRL, data quality, the FIX protocol, software standards, and quality assurance. Mr. Mansur holds a computer science degree from Troy University, with honours.


Discussion about XBRL for other company disclosures (e.g., dividends, exchange offers, etc.) other kinds of disclosure like corporate actions and how XBRL can improve not only the availability/transparency of information, but also improve the production of such information.

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