Miklos A. Vasarhelyi, Rutgers University
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Miklos A. Vasarhelyi [Ph.D in MIS (UCLA) MBA (MIT) and BS in Economics and Electrical Engineering (the State University of Guanabara and Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)]. Professor Vasarhelyi is currently the KPMG Professor of Accounting Information Systems and Director of the Continuous Auditing and Reporting Laboratory (CARLAB) at Rutgers University. He is also the Technology Consultant at the AT&T Laboratories. He has published more than 200 journal articles and 20 books. He is the editor of the Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing series and several academic journals. Professor Vasarhelyi has taught executive programs on electronic commerce to many large international organizations including GE, J&J, Eli Lilly, Baxter, ADL, Volvo, Siemens, Chase Bank, and AT&T. Professor Vasarhelyi is credited with the original continuous audit application and as the leading researcher in this field. The CAR Lab's current projects include Siemens, Metlife, P&G, and Itau-Unibanco.


Addressing the accuracy and reliability of XBRL tagging is critical to the usefulness of information tagged in an XBRL format. Panelists will discuss ways that the quality of XBRL files can be enhanced through assurance. The session will cover current guidance available for auditor engagements, experiences of firms involved in engagements on XBRL submissions under the SEC Final Rules on Interactive Data including common procedures performed and typical findings and the future considerations for assurance as more financial information migrates to an electronic format.

Eric E. Cohen . Max Mansur . J. Louis Matherne . Brad J. Monterio . Olivier Servais . Said Tabet . Miklos A. Vasarhelyi . Mike Willis .