Said Tabet, EMC
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Said Tabet is a dedicated member of the standards community involved in software initiatives worldwide, collaborating with large and small companies. Said is the Chair of the XBRL OCEG GRC-XML working group, developing an International standard for governance, risk, and compliance. He is also the lead behind the OMG GRID project, and co-chair of the Regulatory Compliance group. Said co-founded RuleML, the non-profit business rules standardization organization, helping the rules engines and decision management market gain visibility in the mainstream software arena and with end users. He has been designing and delivering enterprise systems centered around Business Rules and Policies and their integration with enterprise IT systems for over two decades in areas including governance, risk and compliance, mortgage and insurance systems, healthcare applications, government IT management, privacy and security policies, banking and trading systems. Said's more recent focus is on GRC and Cloud including security and privacy issues, SLA and policy negotiations using semantic technologies, integration with XBRL and other standards. He is actively involved in the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) initiatives. Said recently joined EMC Corporation, focused on GRC and Cloud within the office of the CTO.
Said is a regular speaker/chair at academic and industry conferences and workshops worldwide, including Business Rules, Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Cloud Computing, XML/Web Services, XBRL, SOA and BPM, Wall Street and Technology, Semantic Web, e-Commerce, and MIT/Harvard Business School conferences.


The Financial Services sector, traditionally driven by data intensive processing, is facing a new set of challenges with big data and the adoption of Cloud computing. Financial institutions are collecting growing amounts of information from multiple sources, but have yet to turn that into an opportunity to enable a performance oriented enterprise wide governance, risk and compliance (GRC) strategy. The use of standards such as XBRL and GRC-XML for the classification and tagging of semantic information is crucial if we want to deliver real transparency and traceability.

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